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Carr Leather Oil

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An intense alternative to "Neatsfoot" to which they have added waterproofing properties. Intense conditioning for excessively dry leather. For cracked and brittle leather articles leaving them soft and flexible. 

Intensively nourishes and moisturises leather items leaving them soft and supple.

A heavy duty alternative to Neatsfoot oil for excessively dry, cracked and brittle leather items. This specially formulated viscous oil softens and supples leather and has added waterproofing properties and is suitable for saddlery, harness and walking boots.


Use as required on dry and brittle leather only. Ensure leather is clean, then apply a thin layer to the flesh side of leather and allow to soak in for at least 24 hours. If required, also apply a thin layer to the grain side. Re-apply if leather still appears dry, taking care not to over-oil.

Not suitable for aniline or untreated leather, suede or nubuck. Test on a hidden area before use.

Size: 300ml

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