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ZAR Energiser IMPACTO SOLAR with 12V rechargeable battery and solar. 

• Supply: Battery 12V. 12 A/h INCLUDED

• Power: 480 MJ. maximum

• Consumption: 25-50 mA. 

• Output voltage: 9,9 kv

• Voltage over 500 Ohms: 4 kv

• Light battery control 

• Solar Panel: 10W

• Charger: 12V. 3 A/h INCLUDED

For a better results of the solar pannel it is necessary to orient it to the sun (south orientation) and keep the panel glass clean. 

Provided with a charger mod. Z-100 3 A / h., If necessary due to prolonged lack of sun.

Comprar Energiser ZAR IMPACTO SOLAR online

PA 160

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